Workplace Training

We conduct training in the following areas:

Anti-bullying legislation

Participants will learn about the most recent legislative changes and the key responsibilities of senior staff, managers, supervisors and directors.  Participants will learn the most effective leadership styles for bullying prevention, intervention and impact mitigation.

Bully Free workplace 

During this interactive workshop, participants will learn which workplace behaviours are bullying and which behaviours are not, how to deal with bullying, and strategies to avoid conflict.  This session will include case studies relating to a participant’s area of work.

The Aims, Objectives, Outcomes of our training are:


To encourage staff to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills that will help reduce and eliminate bullying behaviours in the workplace.



Knowledge – increased awareness that bullying is unacceptable behaviour at all levels in the workplace

Attitudes –     increased support for the practices, policies and procedures that assist in freeing the workplace of bullying.