This was the first Australian book to seriously confront what 1 in 5 people know from personal experience – that bullying is rife in workplaces around the world.

The second, updated edition, with additional information, is now available!

Bullying in the Workplace: an Occupational Hazard

We spend more time at work, interacting with colleagues, than we spend at home with our families or socialising with friends. It is important then that our workplaces should be safe. Yet harassment, bullying and violence are facts of working life and their impact at all levels can no longer be ignored. This new edition of Bullying in the Workplace: An Occupational Hazard takes a comprehensive and in-depth look at the nature of the bullying.

Packed with real-life case studies, Bullying in the Workplace enables the reader to understand the negative impact it has on individuals and organisations and offers practical advice on how to identify and eliminate bullying from the workplace, now and in the future.

Bullying in the Workplace: an Occupational Hazard by Helene Richards and  Sheila Freeman, explores this serious form of psychological bullying in a way that is practical, comprehensive and easy to read. Drawing on Case Studies, they,

Workplace bullying is:

… continued and deliberate unfair, unjust or abusive treatment of an individual at work by one or more co-workers, supervisors, managers or customers.

“I practically turned myself inside out to gain his approval but went nowhere in the company. He ignored my input at meetings, sneered and talked through my presentations. Friends in the business passed on quite vicious rumours about me. I know he started them, but have no proof. At my annual appraisal, all he said was, ‘I suggest that you look for another job.’” (Simone)

“I had lost my identity and self-esteem, and there was a lot of unresolved anger that I had to let go of before I could channel my energies into the future.” (John)

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Bullying in the Workplace: an Occupational Hazard shows you how you can fix these problems whether you are a manager or a worker affected by bullying.

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See what Australia VOGUE BUSINESS said about this book:
“Bullying often remains a hidden crime in Australian workplaces and authors Richards and Freeman certainly present a compelling case for this fact. This book makes fascinating reading and is full of interviews with anonymous people who speak about their shocking experiences of being targeted and harassed by bullies. It’s very thorough in its detail – including profiles of different types of office bully, the effects they have on their victims, the rights of employees and employers and some all-important survival strategies. If you’ve never been bullied at work before (one Australian study quoted found 70 per cent of respondents had been bullied by a manager or supervisor), after reading this book, you’ll pray you never are.” Page 24,Australia VOGUE BUSINESS August 2002

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