Workplace  Mediation

We offer a highly professional ‘on site’ or ‘neutral venue’ mediation services, as well as education in mediation, communication and negotiation, to help businesses and individuals to avoid or resolve disputes.

Our mediators have extensive experience, particularly in dispute resolution within  corporations, community organisations including schools, health and local government departments.

Disputes within an organisation can be costly and time-consuming. Mediation is an effective, inexpensive way of resolving disputes quickly and efficiently before they turn into major, long-term issues resulting in litigation or WorkCover claims.

Sheila Freeman Consulting is able to organise mediations at short notice, either within the workplace or in our conference facilities. Our mediators are available to travel to all major cities and country areas within Australia.

Conflicts within the workplace may arise between:

Disputes may involve:

For effective and efficient resolution of disputes mediation is far more time and cost effective than drawn-out and expensive legal proceedings.

Successful alternative dispute resolution practices enhance and assist in stabilizing ongoing business relationships within organisations after disputation and achieve successful outcomes for all parties.