Posted on November 30, 2017 in Bullying in the News by editor

With the ‘outing’ this week of Don Burke by a Fairfax Media/ABC investigation claiming he was a “psychotic bully” it is now time for organisations both large and small to ensure not only sexual harassment is not happening in their workplace but also that psychological bullying is not occurring.

Organisations and businesses need to ‘dust off’ their policies, are they up to date?  Do they need to be reviewed?

Do you have regular training on What is Bullying this should be carried out yearly, it does not need to be onerous just two hours a year could save your organisation the stress and expense of investigations, WorkCover claims and in some cases litigation or workers going to FairWork.

It is a Manager’s responsibility to be aware of any issues that may be occurring in the workplace, and if you start receiving informal complaints the least expensive way to resolve issues between employees is with workplace mediation.

Sheila Freeman Consulting offers workplace investigations, workplace mediations and training to create a Bully Free Workplace, at a reasonable cost.